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I'd like to get a Luxray with Ice Fang in Pokemon Platinum, because that could give me some coverage. I play ingame, and against a friend of mine.
Is it worth it? If so, what is the best way to do it?

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In-game it really doens't matter.

You can run along with a special Azumarill and still beat the game. I beat my whole BW2 Elite Four with a team of Caterpies and Weedles once.

On the competitive side of battling (which I think you meant) though:

Of course it is, on the 3DS that is.

However, if you plan on battling with Showdown! or something like that, then there is no need to breed.

Here are the benefits of breeding:

  1. You get to put some awesome moves on your Pokemon. Like Ice Fang you mentioned.
  2. You can get some good IVs on your Pokemon to make them more efficient. See more here.
  3. You can Masuda Method for a shiny Pokemon. (optional)

The best way to get Ice Fang onto your Luxray would be to breed a male Arbok with Ice Fang (learned through Move Relearner) to your female Luxray. Other than Arbok, you can also use these Pokemon (remember, all must have that move and be male):
1. Snubbul
2. Granbull
3. Piloswine
4. Exploud
5. Walrein
6. Floatzel
7. Hippowdon
8. Glaceon
9. Mamoswine
10. Stoutland

Hope I helped!

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Thanks, but I wanted to know if it's too time consuming for in-game use and local battle use.
Nah, all you need is a female Luxray and a Male pokemon of choice. If you want, you could also add in the IV and Nature factors. It's worth the effort though, as coverage is always welcome

In-game you don't need to bother really, I usually spend the whole of in-game playing with my favourites. All that effort for in-game is unnecessary imo
Thanks for the help. My female Luxio just evolved into Luxray, and i can easily catch a level 24 buizel and train it up 2 levels. It learns ice fang at the move tutor in Pastoria, right? Also, are 5200 steps a lot?
Uh I think you meant Move Relearner. Yes it does.
And I don't know what steps your talking about lol, you just walk around until you get/hatch the egg. In which case 5200 is around average
I've got my ice fang Luxray done for a long time now. You were right. The longest part of that whole breeding proces was catching Buizel and leveling him up 1 level!