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This will be my ingame team, as well as my local battle team against friends. I don't do EV training, because they don't either. We just battle each other.

Adamant nature. (Don't know what item I'll give him)
-Flare Blitz
-Close Combat
-Shadow Claw

Jolly nature. Wide Lens
-Thunder Fang
-Ice Fang
-Iron Tail

Serious nature. (Don't know what item I'll give him)
-Brave Bird
-Close Combat

Rash nature. (Don't know what item I'll give her)
-Ice Beam
-Water Pulse
-Shadow Ball

Adamant nature. (I'll probably give it the zoom lens. Is that a good choice?)
-Rock Wrecker
-Thunder Punch

Sassy nature. (Don't know what item I'll give him)
-Shadow Punch (or is payback better?)
-Brick Break

What Elemental Punch for Dusknoir is best in terms of team coverage?
Thanks in advance.

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Give hime Fire Punch You have plenty of Ice and Thunder moves and only 1 fire move, and Payback is just a little bit stronger then Shadow Punch on Dusknoir if he goes last. But if you want more stable power go Shadow Punch. Shadow Punch with stab is 90 Payback going last is 100 Dusknoir is slow so it really depends on what you want because there both good on him.

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Shadow Punch is stronger than Payback, ever heard of STAB?
Yes and shadow punch is only base power 60 add stab its 90 a sassy Dusknoir is really slow so Pay back will do 100 damage if it goes last so ya.
Why is PX's comment flagged, ffs people...
Yeah, I thought Fire Punch would be a good choice, but I wasn't sure, so thanks for that! It will be fire punch. Also, since my Dusknoir is Sassy, i think I'll give it Payback. That'll do more than shadow punch.
Your welcome