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Gastly learns the elemental punches. That would be fine by me, if Gastly actually had hands. Is there some connection between Gastly and the elemental punches? Or is Game freak just being Game Freak, giving Rhydon, a Pokemon quad weak to water, Surf?

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According to this screenshot, Gastly has hands. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/File:Gastly_hands.png
Sorry if I have not been posting much lately. I don't know if that was just a part of his gas cloud that happened to look like a hand, or what.

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No reason. This was game freak being game freaking illogical. The only possible reasons I could see are:

  • Haunter and Gengar have hands so they gave the move to Gastly. That wouldn’t make much sense though, since they could’ve just made it exclusive to Haunter and Gengar
  • Gastly somehow creates a hand. This would be weird though...
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it would be hard to make an egg move exclusively to the whole evolution line except the baby though. like it's the first evolution that you get from the egg and if you want the elemental punches on Gengar/Haunter you will have to breed a Gastly.
Whoops. Didn’t realize they were egg moves. Still, if Game Freak was logical, they would’ve not made them egg moves and gave them to Haunter and Gengar movepools OR just not give them the moves.
maybe it creates a fist out of the smog it was borne from?
yeah i agree with you eXcess
somebody, PLEASE, make a comic where Gastly uses fire punch by ramming into his opponent.
YES that is a beautiful idea
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So, in my opinion this Pokémon actually really makes sense.
Since, Gastly is a Poison, and both Ghost type. Meaning it can move it's body around.
And make it's head the form of a fist and uses it to Attack.
Looks creepy having a Gastly so near to you.
By now, I'm pretty sure must of you would say: "HaU DO you dO ThONk dAT".
Because, have you ever looked at it's Attack stat?
Well, it's only 35.
So, yeah. That makes up for the theory.
And, if it can learn literally the move Self-Destruct, why can't it do this.

Now why these types of punch moves?
Firstly, Ice Punch, because freezing to death may be a fear to people.
If you are alone (no crowd walking around) it should be colder because nobody shares their body heat.
And your body heat should also get colder when you die.
Frost chance:
Freezing because you where so scared.
It's more-so Paralyzing, though people ought to say: "he froze!" and all.

Fire Punch. Some people might be able to be scared by fire because some reason.
Like, your house got caught in fire. Or you are scared that will happen.
And all your important stuff burned with it too. Or, you are scared that that will happen.
Or you burned yourself (making coffee/car-like accident with repairing it or something/bumper).
Burn chance:
Heartburn(I'm not sure, but I don't think the acid actually causes your heart to "burn", though it could be taken literally), running away so fast you exhaust yourself, hands sweating....etc

Thunder Punch.
Paralyzing of fear.
Fear of Thunder and Lightning.
Paralyze chance:
Lightning is fast, and so is your heartbeat when you are scared.

I have no idea why they didn't add Shadow Punch because, why?
Maybe so it was a bit more mysterious "and people are scared about what Gastly can do so a smart PokéNerd will find out and is the most intelligent creature on earth".
And also, like I said long above, it's creepy having a Gastly that is gonna attack you near you.

That's all!

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