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Well, we all know we're getting Mega Salamence in the future and his Mega Ability Aerilate, so I decided to to breed a Bagon in my Emerald with a Jolly nature and Dragon Dance, trade it to my FireRed, evolve it into Salamence, teach it Body Slam via the Move Tutor, give it Earthquake, and keep Crunch.
So after the painful waiting/trading process (First World Problems), I got it to my White 2 and when I tried to transfer it to the Bank... it basically just said no.

So I was confused (mostly angry) "Why on EARTH won't it go through!?" As I was thinking, maybe it was the moveset? Maybe it was his Egg Moves? So I deleted Dragon Dance (Even though I remember transferring my Salamence before with Dragon Dance without a problem) Nope, still didn't work. It couldn't be Crunch since it can learn it, couldn't be Earthquake since it's accessible in nearly every generation. "There's no way it can't be Body Slam" So I deleted that move and lord and behold it actually goes through! WTF! In my rage, I decided to test this. So, I went through the painful process of getting random Pokemon with Body Slam that can only learn from the Tutor. and they all didn't go through... Then I got my AR and encountered a Salamence in the wild, made it shiny, perfect IVs, with Moxie. Gave it Crunch, Earthquake, Dragon Dance, and Body Slam. Tried to transfer it and obviously it didn't go through...until I took off Body Slam and it did go through.

Soooo I'm guessing Body Slam is just a no go? I hope we get a good Move Tutor(s) in Alpha/Omega. (Mostly irritated that I went through that process for nothing.)

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Body Slam should go through fine. This is a weird problem.

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Here I found this!

Pokemon learn moves at different level. So, if a Pokemon has moves that it wouldn't learn until a later level than the actual level of the Pokemon; it may cause a problem. The best thing you can do at this point would be to alway have the Pokemon level at the highest level move for that Pokemon (or higher).

>EVs over the maximum threshold will not make it into Pokemon Bank.

Maybe the problem it's because you went to a Move Tutor, and since in XY Salamence can't learn Body Slam, the game thinks you cheating..

I think is that.

Hope this helps!

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