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Nope, it will have 100 Accuracy.

Lets do the math:

70 x 1.1 x 1.3= 100.1 (rounded down to 100)

  • 70 is Thunder's base accuracy.
  • 1.1 is the boost from Wide Lens
  • 1.3 is the boost from Compound eyes.
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Thanks. Someone told me 99% was the highest possible, but apparently, that's not true.
@TheOnlyInfernape That person could be partially right; because he could've thought that the game rounds to the nearest 5%, so 91% could become 90% and then when you multiply it by 1.1 it'll become 99%. But using the same logic  99% rounded would be 100% making them incorrect. But also if the game only rounds accuracy down then it would be 95%, which I'm pretty sure it doesn't do. So it's a win win either way