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It has a bad move pool apart from using Move Tutors. Besides its ability, Honey Gather is not useful at all competitively. Hustle, in my opinion, is also not that good (Attack for Accuracy)
So could it be any good?

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One Word. Useless
One use.
You can repeatedly breed it with a Ditto to get a female one.

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If you're asking about its competitive use, it's horrible. The exception to this is if you're really gimmicky and do a Baton Pass chain, like the one showed here.

It's pretty bad for in-game purposes too, but it can learn Sweet Scent and has Honey gather, so it's useful for horde EV training.

And that's pretty much it. Hope I helped!

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It can only be used competitively if you have a big baton pass chain to it. It can be useful in game with a good in game ability, but it is worth nothing in competitive play.

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In competitive-Bad
Move set by level up is awfull.
If you want to complete the pokedex then get one but for in game its a no-no.
Also if you want to know about ability's hustle can get annoying and honey gather is a waste as it can learn sweet scent.

A female combee is great as it can evolve but poor old male combee is stuck as a worker!

Hope this helped.