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Like Rufflet/Braviary and the Tyrogue family. They have to be female to give an egg of their own Pokemon species, if I'm not mistaken.

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Ditto defies most logistics, I think.

Also just note that Tyrouge cannot breed, it's a baby Pokemon. Only its evolutions can breed.

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Oh sorry. I meant its evolutions: hitmons'
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Game Freak wanted it that way.

This is the only real answer.

However, there are theories that since these Pokemon can only breed with Ditto, the Ditto morphs itself into a female version.

At least, that's the theory that makes the most sense for me.

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There are few Pokemon that can only be male or female. In this case, you will have a 50/50 chance for the egg being the same species as the father or mother.

Or with a Ditto if I remember correctly..

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They can't reproduce with Pokemon of their own kind. They can only make an egg of their own species when breeder with a ditto

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