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I'm not sure why you'd want to do this, but I think I found a way to be able to easily beat any Pokémon game, and all you need is a friend who's willing to help you.

So basically your friend trades you a good Pokémon, like Riolu, as an Egg. You hatch it (so you're the OT) and then trade it back to him. He evolves it, EV trains it (optional), and levels it up to 100. Then he trades it back to you, and viola, you can OHKO anything.

Would this strategy work? Or does it have flaws (besides taking the fun out of the game)? This would probably be useful to some people, if for some reason they were forced to restart their game.

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Well a level 100 pokemon wouldn't exactly listen to you if you dont have any badges
Not if you're the OT.
does a pokemon game really need a strategy like this to "easily" beat it? Most of them are easy enough as it is...
^ yea they're really easy. All you need to do is over train. If you're playing the game this way, you're better off not playing it at all.

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Well, this would work, but as you said it takes all the fun out of the game. Other ways to easily beat the game are this:
Get a chansey. It has soft-boiled which enables you to fully heal a Pokemon ANY TIME YOU WANT.
Get a wobbuffet. He tears through the game like paper.
Do the Lumious city trick. Description here
Here is my source for the above question about OT's, Source
Also note that this doesn't apply to older games!

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That thing cannot learn one attack, and it's not like any of the in-game trainers even try to switch out most of the time.
Yea, but they never set up either.  When was the last time IN GAME that you had a pokemon against you use swords dance? And if they do then so what you switch out to a type advantage.
Set up is hardly a problem, it never was lol
But every time Wobbuffet wants to deal any damage, it will have to take a hit. Rather have faster pokemon that can save that trouble
Just get soft boiled XD I used it and I tore threw the games :P
Thanks for the answer.  I knew about the Lumiose City trick, but it wasn't accessible (because of a blackout) until a while into the game.  The Chansey comment was interesting.  I bet it works for Skiddo too.