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Since many Pokemon require transfer-only moves to be useful, do most battlers just use Pokegen for competitive Pokemon?

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Well, I'm assuming you mean in Wi-Fi battles.

When you are entering a competitive online battle, there are hack censors that detect illegal Pokemon, and don't let them entera battle.

So really, PokeGenners aren't all that common. But they are still there.
Note, for your example of Transfer only moves, even though these are legal moves, the censors would detect that the Pokemon is from X/Y instead of BW(2). The censors aee generally pretty smart.

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PokeGen was highly used among Competitive Players.

I say "was" because Nintendo closed down the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection for the Nintendo DS Family Consoles, as a result you can't send your created Pokémon through the GTS anymore.

I don't know if there's another way to use PokeGen on the Generation IV-V games other than through the GTS.

While in Generation VI PokeGen was said to be unavailable, but I stumbled across these video's a while ago showing that PokeGen in Gen VI seems to be possible. I haven't used the program myself because I don't really play X or Y anymore but they seem legit.

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