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Just wondering, I am going to buy nintendo online, but in competitive battleing (in the game), are their OU, UU, etc? Are there doubles?

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You will not find fan-made formats like OU and UU in the games themselves. Go to Showdown to play those (unless you find somebody else to play with who will agree on the rules).
I'm pretty sure they support BSS and VGC Series 5 and not Smogon tiers.
Ok thx, can you give a link on how they are organized?
Not sure which you're referring to. You can play Smogon formats on Showdown: https://pokemonshowdown.com/

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You need a Nintendo Switch Online membership to do battles with player across the world, but you do not need one to do local battles with players in your vicinity. There are no OO UU tiers because they are fanmade. Yes there are also Double battles. Link is for anything else that you might want to know.


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