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Hi! I want to asked another question! I already asked this one and the answer was pretty satisfying. But I want to know which update version of 3DS would worked to go online since I'm about to get my hand on copy of Pokemon Omega Ruby.


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The most current, which for your 3DS it should be Ver. 9.8.0-25U while Version 1.4 for your Omega Ruby should be the most current.

To check and see if your 3DS is up to date just go to the system settings, the click "Other Setting", go to page four, then click System Update.

Your Omega Ruby will let you know if there's an update available when you attempt to play it.

Source: My 3DS and Alpha Sapphire

Hopefully I've Helped!

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So the most current was required for me to go online? Is it possible to go online if below that?
Yes the most current is required. Nope, you'll have to update. But if you're trying to get online that suggests you have a good internet source. So, updating won't be a problem :)
okay thanks
No problem :)