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Since I'm building up a preset team for Omega Ruby, I want a Pokémon that can screw with the target and make a clean sweep. Any ideas?

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HA Sableye can burn and poison other Pokemon with priority, and can heal ASAP with recover. Hope I helped!(ish)

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I recommend you trade from X/Y
Good, but I already have a Sableye and I want a Pokémon that can "Torment" an opponent and create the fastest OHKO.
OHKO moves XD
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There are many Pokémon that can learn Torment, but out of all of them, my recommendation would be Cloyster. It has beastly defenses, access to Torment, and Shell Smash, and has Skill Link, which goes well with Icicle Spear and Rock Blast.


Of course, this is just my opinion, and you can look through every Pokémon in the above link and see what you like.

Hope I helped!

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"Ice Ball" - do you mean Icicle Spear? Ice Ball is the Ice-type equivalent to Rollout.
Yep... Sorry about that misconception.
Hello Life Orb Greninja!
lol it's an in-game team Trapinchinator