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i have a Magnezone that is a heavy special attacker but I cant find a way to effectively heal Magnezone quickly and easily, I was thinking of adding electric terrain to its move set to make it boost up its electric moves even more so that it never needs to heal but its not very fast so its going to take damage a lot unless the opposing Pokemon just so happens to be super slow. can some one please tell me if I should just make it faster and give it electric terrain and possibly give it more health or a move that will work for healing a Magnezone.


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You have a couple of options:

  • Give it Leftovers for passive recovery
  • Give it a Choice Scarf to make it faster
  • Teach it Sleep Talk and Rest

But overall, I really wouldn't worry about it. This is in-game we're talking about. The opposing Pokemon aren't EV/IV trained, don't have good natures, and are usually underleveled, so Magnezone will usually outspeed even though it is slow. I speak from experience- I used a Magnezone in Platinum and I outsped most of the time.

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thanks for the help! i think this will help a lot with my magnezone thank you!
You're welcome! Happy to help :)