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After posting this http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/212428/does-speed-boosting-moves-ability-nature-power-electro-ball, I was wondering what is the fastest Pokemon who is able to learn a speed raising move because with that it would be very powerful Electro Ball that might cause a K.O.

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The top 3 are:

Raichu- base 110 speed. Can learn Agility and Electro Ball as a Pikachu at level 18(Electro Ball) and 37(Agility)

Galvantula- base 108 speed. Can learn Agility and Electro Ball at level 29(Electro Ball) and level 40(Agility)

Emolga- base 103 speed. Can learn Agility and Electro Ball at level 26(Electro Ball) and level 46(Agility). Emolga also gets the Hidden Ability Motor Drive in which boosts your Speed by one stage when hit with an Electric-Type move. It's similar to Lightningrod, except Motor Drive doesn't draw in all Electric-Type Moves being used.

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Source (just searched Electro Ball and Agility and figured out what the fastest Pokemon were)

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And to top it all off give them Thunder Wave to do some huge damage!
Emolga also has its hidden ability Motor Drive
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Your best bet would be Emolga. Emolga has a high speed to start with and with using Agility can become deadly fast. Emolga also has a high special attack so chances are Electro Ball will do massive damage. Hope this helped :)

and its hidden ability motor drive
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The best one that I know is:

Electrode has the highest base speed of 140 base speed

2nd choice

Mega manetric has the second highest base speed of 135

Between those 2 I would choose mega manetric cause it only has 5 points of speed less then electrode and it has a higher special attack.

Source: http://www.serebii.net/attackdex-xy/electroball.shtml

BUT...do they speed boosting moves