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I have been replaying one of my all time favorite games, PMD, and I've never really noticed this until now (And after a little reading up of course), but are moves "equal"?
I was reading something (main reason for it was to try to figure out what moves Cyndaquil learns since they do not learn moves as fast as their counterparts in the original Pokemon), and it said moves like Ember, which has 22 PP, and Flamethrower, which has 12 PP, have the exact same (for the lack of a better word) "Strength".
I have learned both moves, and have tried to see what their power level is, but the game simply does not have one. (And by this, I mean a way to tell if one move is stronger then the other. Like the star rating in PMD Explores of sky, etc)
Are moves "Equal" in Pokémon: Blue Rescue Team, or are they simply a matter of "Oh, this move is stronger in the game, so it has to be stronger here too" ?

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They are upgraded versions of the earlier moves most of the time.

Like the upgraded version of Scratch is Slash, and Ember Flamethrower. That accounts for increase in power / accuracy and added effects.
Power and Accuracy is measured in Stars.

Taking the Ember - Flamethrower comparison as an example:

>Ember has 4 Stars in power and 6 Stars in accuracy, with the added effect of Burning and thawing Pokemon. It's range is Enemies upfront only.


>Flamethrower has 7 stars in power and 5 stars in accuracy, with the added effect of Burning, thawing and hitting Pokemon from a distance. It's range extends to every Pokemon in it's line of sight.

As you can see, while Ember has better accuracy and PP, Flamethrower is much more powerful and ranged, effectively looking like an upgrade.

Sources: Ember and Flamethrower

Hope I helped!

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Is it by star rating then? I thought the star rating on moves were not introduced until generation 2 of PMD :/ (Explores of darkness, etc.)
I think it's always been there, I don't know if it has always been visible though