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I need a Pikachu with Light Ball for my team.

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You could try putting a Pokemon with Static up first in your party. That increases the chance of running into electric type Pokemon.
Compound Eyes would way better, Pikachus only have a 5% change to be holding a Light Ball and Compound Eyes makes it 50%

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I know Kawaii Terlor has already given an answer, but I feel there are a couple of things he missed out.

Firstly, if you have a Electric Friend Safari with Pikachu in it, then use that instead of Santalune Forest or Route 3, as you have a better chance of encountering Pikachu. If not, then it might just take a little longer, as you will be encountering Pikachu less.

Now lead with a fainted Compound Eyes Pokemon (e.g. Galvantula or Butterfree). It is better if it is fainted, since its ability will still raise the chance of the wild Pokemon holding items, but you won't be sending it out first in battle.

The second Pokemon in your party should have the ability Frisk and the move Thief. Noivern or Pumpkaboo are options here. Since Butterfree (or whoever your lead is) is fainted, then Noivern will be the first Pokemon you send out. Frisk will tell you immediately whether or not Pikachu has a Light Ball. If it does, then you can use Thief to take it for yourself.

I have used this to get many items off wild Pokemon - Lucky Eggs, a Light Ball, Black Sludge, Light Clay, and it works wonders.

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Can Pokemon in the Friend Safari have held items?
They can.
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Your tags say XY, so ill explain how to get a Pikachu with a Light Ball in those games.

To get a Pikachu with a Light Ball, you'll have to go to either Route 3 or Santalune Forest where wild Pikachus have a 5% chance to be holding a Light Ball (to improve that change, make sure your leading Pokemon has the ability Compound Eyes, which would turn that precentage into 50%.)

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your answer was great and helped but meloetta's was more detailed so i best answered it
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Ok, I'll explain an easy process by steps.

  1. Reach the Pokémon Village
  2. Have a Pokémon if the front of the party holding any item.
  3. Encounter a Gothorita and make sure it has the ability Frisk*.
  4. Catch the Gothorita then head to Santalune Forest OR Route 3.
  5. Encounter a Pikachu, having Gothorita in the front AND has the move Thief**.
  6. Be sure that Gothorita detects the Pikachu's Light Ball.
  7. Use Thief right away!
  8. PROFIT!!!

Hope I helped!

(* =Frisk along with Compound Eyes, are abilities that can detect a Target's held Item to let the player know what its holding.)
(**=Thief is a move used for steal an opponent's held Item.)

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Hey! Here's another method. I used this one, and I found it worked best (because I don't have a Pikachu friend safari).

So what you need is:
- something with Static & Thief (I used Raichu, but you can use Voltorb/ Electrike lines)
- your Pokeradar (optional)

I went onto Route 3 and not Santalune Forest because it was closer to a Pokemon centre and therefore I could heal Raichu more frequently/ quickly if I needed to. I then switched on my radar and (leading with Raichu) went and chained Pikachus and used Thief on all of them. I think I got my Light Ball after around ~20 tries. I find this one works best for me because Pikachu has a really low encounter rate, so Compoundeyes and Frisk were sort of useless because I couldn't encounter Pikachu in the first place.

The reason I used my Pokeradar is that I found chaining gave an even higher chance of getting Pikachus consecutively (as long as you know how to chain and walked into the correct patch of grass).

Remember to check regularly that Raichu is not holding an item, otherwise Thief will only do damage.

You could chain with Compound Eyes
Yea but finding a Pikachu to begin with is hard enough.

Also Route 3 is not optimum for chaining, so Static does some help to prevent the chain from breaking.
I used compoundeyes and got one after 7 encounters