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I am trying to breed my DW Electivire. Both the male and female are DW and both have their HA, but when I get the baby Pokemon, the males will get the HA but the females won't. Why is that?

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Bad luck. Not much else to it.

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Love the meme but got nothing to do with the question xD
It's bad luck...
I posted a (relevant) meme for an answer and it got downvoted to oblivion :(

It will not happen to this meme!
Astronautical, you posted only a meme with absolutely no explanation or answer to the question whatsoever. That's why it was downvoted. Also I wouldn't call being downvoted back to zero "downvoted to oblivion."
Being patient was the only answer. I've seen answers like that before, and they do just fine. Anyways, I'm not gonna bring up the issue anymore. The past is in the past.

And I guess I do have an ability to exaggerate :)
lets leave the random memes to facebook
I added actual information to my answer. I hope everyone's happy :\

@hyper beam: Yeah, that's probably for the best.