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White Kyurem

It's in Ubers. Nuff said. Normal Kyurem is in UU, Kyurem-B is in OU.
Kyurem-W and Kyurem-B both hold slightly better bulk, the exact same speed and better overall offensive stats than standard Kyurem. However, Kyurem-B lacks a good physical movepool - it gets a few good moves including Outrage, Fusion Bolt and Iron Head, but such movesets are easily walled by the likes of Heatran. This means Kyurem-B is forced to rely on Special Moves to get by these threats - however Kyurem-W's Special Attack stat absolutely destroys Kyurem-B's, making it more effective overall. Also, Specs Draco Meteor from Kyurem-W is one of the most devestating attacks in Ubers.

But you obviously can't use Kyurem-W if you're making an OU team for more competitive purposes, so you'll be using Kyurem-B in that case.

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Black kyurem and White kyurem have better overall stats. White kyurem having a base 170 special attack along with increased defenses both spd and def with the hp stat remaining the same with both versions and kyurem itself. Black kyurem also has increased defenses and a base 170 attack attack. Since both Black and White kyurem have base 170 offenses physical attack and special attack respectively and the rest of their stats being identical it really boils down to wether you want a physical attacker or a special attacker and which typing better suits your needs, both have superior stats to regular kyurem with the exception of their speed and hp stat which are identical to regular kyurem .

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