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It is completely useless and can't do anything. The only use I've found for it is the script in the Sevii islands and I think there is another one in Canalave city. Also include any strategies that Unown can utilize.


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It's just a gimmick Pokemon.

Unown has literally no use, yeah. It's just there for it's massive amount of formrs - Pokemon isn't ALL about battling. But Unown has 28 forms, one for each of the alphabet, and another two for ! and ? characters. Unown forms can be fun to collect. (Like Vivilion's millions of forms) That's really the only reason Unown exist, for a novelty activity in Pokemon.

Also, Unown characters are used as the main alphabet in the Pokemon world, which is a great way to distinguish the real world from the Pokemon world.

Hope I helped. :)

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There are actually 28 forms: !Unknown and ?Unknown are available for catching if you catch all the other Unknown forms of which there are 26 - like you said - letters of the alphabet.
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In the games that you can catch them in, if you catch all the kinds of
unknown, a special event will happen, like a door opens, or a
character in the area will say something new and give you something.
Other than that, they only have one move, so they are usless in
battle, but they give good experience points to low level Pokemon.

Directly ripped from this answer on a similar question.