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All of the times ive faced a charizard in ou, they all seem to be megas. So I keep wondering if normal charizard is any good at all.


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Not in the OU, that is. Here's why:

  • It is severely outclassed by its Mega(s)
  • Mega Charizard X gains a Dragon typing ( :0 ) and a great ability to compliment its stats and movepool
  • Mega Charizard Y has a huge Special Attack that can rip through teams. It also gains access to one of the best abilities for a Fire type: Drought. Seriously, +50% Power to all fire move and 50% less damage taken from Water moves and single turn Solar Beam? It just doesn't get better.
  • Stealth Rock still haunts Charizard (Y as well, but it has more speed and bulk and raw power to rip through teams without worrying all that much about the 50% health drop. Nasty, but survivable. And with the right EV spread, it can switch in twice, with 1% health remaining to sweep)

There you have it: The curse of having formes so good people forget about the original Pokemon itself.

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Also, normal Zard is pretty weak for OU, and coupled with mediocre speed and bulk, means there are also some better non mega choices for a fire type.
He is good compared to SOME Pokémon, but compared to others he sucks.