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My 3DS's touch screen wasn't working properly, so I got a new 3DS. I had a lot of battles saved on my other 3DS, and I'd like to save some of them on my new one, but I don't know if I can. Also, I have tried taking the SD card out of my old 3DS and putting it in my new one but it didn't work, so if there's a way, it isn't that.

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I don't think there is. Every battle has a battle code though, so you could possibly remember those battle codes.
System transfer?
Was your old 3DS still in it's 6-month-guaruntee? Because if it was, you could've sent it back to be repaired.

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Well, there is no way at least, based on what I know and what the internet knows.
Also, it actually just records the game programming that took place in the battle it appears - so when you are watching the battle, you have not actually loaded the video - there is no such thing. You're just watching your device reenact the battle as it happened, by loading the programming that took place in the battle.
Random people who say that as well (You'll probably need to look through the actual comments to see it tho. And each of those is a separate link)

However, in regards to your touch screen problems there are a few things you can try

  • Recalibrate it
  • If you're still under warranty period, and you haven't done anything like drop your 3DS screen-first, you can go get it fixed
  • Just get it fixed by paying money :I
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Yay for money!