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Is there any way to search and obtain a Cofagrius in Pokemon X and Y's GTS System seeing the Pokemon has "***" in the name and wont pop up when searched...Halp.


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I assume that the reason you could not search for Cofagrigus in the GTS is because you capitalized the whole name. In order to be able to search for Cofagrigus you must first spell the name correctly. You must also only capitalize the first letter. If you type "COFAGRIGUS" you will get a message saying "You can't enter that word." However, if you type "Cofagrigus" you should get some results.

Source - Personally tried it and it worked.

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I tried doing it too the same thing happened back whan I was a noob
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This is probably because the *** in cofagrigus. gf has a swear filter if it the word can be offensive in whatever language fro, zulu to norwegian, and this one didn't pass.

EDIT: Didn't saw you mentioned that yourself. you can always search for yamask though, and then evolve/breed it

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because you spelt the name wrong -.-

it's not gofagrius, it's Cofagrigus

also, rules for the GTS,

-you can't search for event Pokemon (diancie, celebi etc.)
-you HAVE to spell the name of your Pokemon your trying to obtain correct

try looking for yamask, there should be easier trades since it is its first evolution
Hope I helped :)

i did spell it right...also have you tried searching diancie because i did and it worked
ahhh, lol sorry i never knew about your reason xD, and no i didn't bother because i already have one :P