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Debating whether to keep my Garchomp, or try out a new dragon. I REALLY like my Garchomp. It has awesome moves (Surf, Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Draco Meteor) and has the extra usefulness with surf. I'm thinking Salamence, Zygarde or trying to get one of the many legendary/ pseudo-legendaries, like Dialga, Rayquaza or Giratina.

Due to people asking, my team is:

  • Garchomp (usually my main)
  • Mewtwo
  • Charizard
  • Lapras/ Blastoise (Lapras has Ice Beam to cover more)
  • Ampharos
  • Usually a tank (Snorlax), other Dragons I'm testing out, or something I'm training outside the daycare.

I am VERY aware that this is a bad team, but I don't do competitive, I just have fun, but I could get into it at some point.

I will soon edit again once I get info on my moves. Hoped this helped to those helpful people of this awesome wiki. :D

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Can you provide more information? It would be useful to know the rest of the team and what role you expect this new dragon to fill.
He is right.
If it's in game nothing matters, just use what you like
Why the hell do you have surf and draco meteor for starters ?
If this ingame then...pfft.
But competitive....you're gonna get pawned.

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Garchtomp is an amazingly strong Pokemon that you would like to keep even in competitive battles. If you really like it, then you should keep it.

  • If you are talking about in-game then YES, you can keep your Garchtomp with the moveset that you have given to it. But even so I suggest that you get a water type Pokemon to teach Surf. You can also teach your water type the move Ice Beam, which is an extra against dragon types.
  • But if you are talking about competitive battles, then it certainly needs a better moveset which can be found here:


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