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Both have the same EVs, Items and Natures - 252 Att,252 Spe,4 HP ; Choice Scarf ; Jolly

The first one has Rough Skin and the second one has Sand Veil. The first one has Iron Head, Dual Chop, Earthquake and Fire Fang. The second one has Brick Break, Poison Jab, EQ and Dragon Claw

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It depends, they are basically the same, the main difference being their Abilities.
If you are going to pair it with Tyranitar or Hippowdon then it might benefit from Sand Veil more, but if you are not planning on having Sandstorm up then Rough Skin would be the better choice.
Their IVs are the same too so that won't change anything.
I won't compare moves, because apart from Iron Head there are no moves that one Garchomp can learn that the other can't.

So I think the better choice would be Garchomp 1, for its Ability Rough Skin, as it is a useful Ability in any situation, sandstorm or not.

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they both have perfect ivs in all stats except sp. att