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Hi so I just recently hatched a shiny froakie. Its got protean and everything, but when I went to check its IV's the guy said it had everything BUT Speed and Sp.Atk. So would this froakie not be good enough to use in competitive?

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It's A Shiny :(
You can, since Greninja can run a physical set, but that Speed is hindering it.
Yeah It's a jolly Froakie. I might still EV train it and see what happens because I really don't want to breed another one :\

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Most greninja run a speedy special set, so you will have to breed another to get 6 IVs and a good nature so all in all,breed another.

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*sigh* Oh well, guess I'll breed another one sometime. -_- Thanks anyways.
Unfortunate isn't it.Your welcome.
Yes, yes it is. Thanks again.