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I just got a Froakie from trade, and I first I thought; probably legit. then I saw its ability was Protean. Thats a hidden ability. Its moves are:

Smoke Screen.

It's level 21, from Japan I think... (it says JPN in the corner and the OT is in another lanauge) Its nature is Naive.

Oh yeah and its stats are:

Attack 33
Defense 27
SP attack 37
SP. Defense 26.
Speed 45.

Is this legit? If not, is it safe to keep? I know someone who would REALLY like a froakie but I need to check first. plz reply so I can make sure my game isnt in danger.

Ps: I got it from someone who I know hacks, as they tried to trade me a level 15 victini xP

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Yes it's real. There is nothing illegal about the info you have given. Froakie learns all those moves by level 21 by simply levelling up, and its stats are normal. Simply assuming it's illegal because it has a Hidden Ability is silly. Hacked Pokemon typically don't damage games either, so even if it was obtained illegally (highly unlikely), you are at no risk.

And btw, nothing is illegal about a level 15 Victini. That's the level you get Victini at if you did the original Victini event from B/W.

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And a lvl 15 Keledo... I didnt think you could get them in ORAS. And lol I'm not silly, just parnoid xD
Oh and I didnt think you could get Victini all the way from B/W to ORAS... I would have thought you'd have to stop at X/Y