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How to clone Pokémon in X/Y /OR/aS.

I don’t want this for personal gain, I wanna do some giveaways. Also I only have 1 3DS and a MAC Book Air(Apple, OS opperating system). If someone could tell me the most simple way (that works with 1 DS)

Also Pokémon Showdown doesn’t consider cloning/duplicates hacking.

(But like seriously if it requires hacks tell me anyways. This is for giveaways sake. I will tell people they are clones).

Also don’t get mad I’m tagging this hacks.

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Cloning isn't hacking, no.
Cloning is hacking...
I already made a decision for this thread: cloning is not hacking. Also, there is no such rule as 'no hacking'; only rules that ban third-party software (which, incidentally, is often used for save file and cheat code mods).
Is the question allowed if it's asking about using third-party software to clone stuff?
That's not the only way to clone Pokemon, as KRLW mentions.

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The cloning glitch in Generation VI works much the same as the method in Generation I, by breaking off a trade between two nearby Nintendo 3DS systems connected via infrared connection. Depending on the timing, the first Pokémon may be cloned, the trade may complete, or the Pokémon will be erased. However, the chance of a Pokémon being erased is small and this method is not known to pose any harm to the player's save data. Most Pokémon will clone at about three seconds, although it has been observed that some held items impact the time taken to clone.


Huh, never knew it was done that way. I always thought people used a gameshark or action replay or something.