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Through wonder trading, i've gotten several starters and eevee's at level 1 caught in an Ultra Ball.

Unless there's another way of getting them like that in this game, does that mean there are already hacks for X/Y, and if so, are they dangerous to keep?


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Like End_of_Silence said, Pokemon inherit the Poke Ball of their mother. (Source if you still want one.) So this doesn't necessarily mean hacks at all.

So anyways, I found out that X and Y can't really be hacked to do that kind of stuff yet to be figured out, as Pokemon games are just getting harder and harder to hack each generation. But I'd bet that an Action Replay will be made eventually, although idk if that really counts as hacking. It will probably be hacked sooner or later though.

Btw, they usually aren't dangerous if they come from a Pokemon generator, I know from experience using several, such as PokeSav and PokeGen.

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In X and Y, bred Pokemon are in the same Poke ball as the mom, so the starter was probably a boy, bred with a Ditto caught in an Ultra ball. More or less same with the Eevee.

Got a source for this? My ditto is caught in a Luxury Ball, and all the pokémon i've bred so far are in regular Poke Balls.
Yes, but I don't remember where it was. There was a similar question here on the DB, and a couple people said that, but the Ditto thing was my reasoning. I figured it was the same with Ditto.
I think it depends on what species the baby is. It doesn't matter what Ditto was caught in  because it can never have baby Dittos. I think it copies the ball the parent that is the same species as it was caught in. Usually this is the mother, but with Ditto I think it is non-ditto pokemon.