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I am entirely confused - I look online and find people who have played X/Y (according to their profile) for something in the 10's of hours, but have over 11000 of the star things and 1000 birthdays. How are they actually doing this? I've been playing X/Y for 22000 hours and apparently have only got around 250 star things and one birthday :-(.
Are they hackers?

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They Might be and they might not be.
They might just be changing the date again and again to get their birthday. the stars I thing must be their friends spamming Source: I spam Nice's on everyone xD It also means that many people wished them a B'day
They can change the time on their 3DS too.
They might play alot cause you know IV breeders and EV trainers some people can go a few days without sleep. :) Hope I helped

Thanks guys and your very quick
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They change the 3DS internal clock.

As simple as that, they change it forwards and get more play time.

*Internal xD
I type fast :s
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Other players will see a birthday cake marker beside the player's icon in the PSS. He or she can tap their icon, then give birthday wishes by pressing a button on the touch screen that replaces the "Nice!" button. A Medal can be awarded for being wished a happy birthday on the PSS.

It just means many people have wished them happy birthday.