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If you know me, I am highly against hacks. (I think they ruin the challenge of getting the Pokemon for yourself.) We've all been there before, you're wondertrading and you get a shiny legendary Pokemon. Every time that happens to me I think "hacks? Or no?" So that brings up the question what are some ways to spot if a Pokemon is hacked or not?

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Here are the three best ways I know of for hack-checking.

1 – Wonder Trade

You got it through Wonder Trade, right? That means it passed the WT hack checker. It has legit stats, legit moves, a legit ability and legit Shininess. I've recieved Shiny Legendaries through WT (once in a blue moon). Granted, they could still be hacked, but they're about as close to a "legit hack" as you can get.

2 – Pokémon Bank

PokéBank. The be-all and end-all of hack checks. If you have doubts as to the legitimacy of your Pokémon, try and deposit it in the Pokémon Bank. Its hack-checker is so good it sometimes refuses legit Pokémon.

3 – Check it Yourself

"Oh look, my Parasect has Sturdy!" should be enough to send off warning lights in your head. If your Shiny Wonder Trade Ho-Oh has Origin Pulse then I'm sorry, but if you can't tell that's a hack then you need professional help.

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Wait, so you're telling me that this shiny Gulpin with Sacre fire, Sheer Cold, Origin Pulse, and Doom Desire isn't legit??