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So I'm still on the contest shiny Zygarde thing. I asked the contest holder if he hacked it and he said he used an app and a QR code or something like that. I found out Zygarde is shiny locked and can't be obtained legally. If he used a QR code did he legally get it? Sorry if that was confusing.


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QR codes is when you take a specific QR code, make sure that in Box 1 Slot 1 of your PC there is no Pokemon, go to the home button without turning off your game, press L + R, scan QR code with your camera, go to the link it takes you to and wait for it to crash. When you return to the game you'll either get the Pokemon the QR code was for or a bad egg (in which case you need to turn off your DS right away without saving).

It's not possible for the new 3ds or a legit way to get Pokemon.

Ohhh. So I shouldnt make the trade then.
You can, but if you dislike hacks you can always give it to someone else for something thats good and legitimate
Won't it glitch my game?
Most likely not, I have many hacked pokemon and they dont do anything wrong. I havent seen anyone with these problems, but just in case ask the person first
I like legitimate Pokemon, so I told him didn't want it anymore.
Okay, that works as well. Non-shiny Zygardes are nice too.