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Can you explain your Q in more detail?
QR Cloning as well ?

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Ah, comments I'll explain a bit then answer. This is a method of getting unobtainable Pokemon easily without a PC, but your gonna need a second device. I'll explain how it works ahead, now for the answer:I'm glad you asked, many ask how I got my hoopa and volcanion and the like and this will be a convinent spot for them to look. First I'll use the link where I found it, it has a brief explanation but I'll explain in more depth.
Pick a qr you like and keep it on hold, first, save then go to box one and make sure box one slot one is empty, then leave the PC, hold the home button but DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR GAME. Next, hold l and r to take you to your camera, then hit the qr code icon and then scan th code you picked (note, don't scan the ones that say thy have oras exclusive stuff) and ittl say a URL has been found, go to said link and just wait till It takes you to the home screen and days something along the lines of an error, go back into your game, and in box one slot one it should have whatever Pokemon you scanned in box one slot one, if you come across a egg called ???, it's the forbidden bad egg and you immediaeatly need I turn off your ds and not save, and don't scan said egg. Hope I've helped!

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