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To use a qr code to generate Pokemon is there a way to do it on ios? (As in make the Pokemon and generate the qr code to scan)
Is there a program to generate Pokemon qr codes on ios is basically the question.

Also plz link sorce to qr making site compatible with ios (I has google drive and Dropbox if they are needed)

I didn't update my 3ds so the qr method still works btw.

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The most recent 3DS software update eliminated the ability to use QR codes to generate Pokémon.
Somebody make this comment ^^ an answer. I don't await to answer it and take Astro's credit.
I didn't update my 3ds, so it still works

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Yes there is a way to make Pokemon QR codes on iOS (iPhone, iPad etc not MacBooks if that is what you are asking)
But you are in bad luck if you have updated your 3DS because you can no longer use the QR codes now.
there is an app called AlphaOmega Creator
Source: Have it

Thx but to get other generation poke u need to pay :( (sux)