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I made a typhlosion that was "hatched from an egg" and the game sensed it was hacked. how do I trick the game. How do I make the Pokemon seem legal?

How did the game sense it is hacked?
And how do you make QR code Pokemon in the first place? I know the QR code injection thing though..
OP: I'm no expert but I believe **you must do a Cyndaquil egg first and raise that one. Because** technically, *Typhlosion can't hatch from an egg since it's fully evolved but its baby Cyndaquil can.*
i told the game it wasn't caught but was hatched from an egg then evolved
if you dont know,why you answered.
Yeah Mr.Pasta, I just tested my own answer and turns out to be false.

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That's a link to a video I used, and the method has worked out for me. Have fun c;

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