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what are qr codes and how do they work?
how do you use them and what other mechanics do they have?
also if you fell like you want to give me links for qr codes (after telling me how to use them of course!)
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QR codes or what?

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Qr codes are an array of black and white squares and with certain apps on your SmartPhone , you can scan them and they will either take you somewhere on the web or do a special thing. On the 3ds with Pokemon ORAS, you can scan them using the computer in your secret base with your 3ds camera. Once you scan the qr code, it will add the secret base from that code into your game and then you can visit their secret base.Note: it will replace the secret base in that spot already, so be cautious. Go to this link to go to a forum where they post Pokemon ORAS secret base qr codes: https://gbatemp.net/threads/pokemon-omega-ruby-alpha-sapphire-super-secret-bases-qr-codes.374689/

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wait so you need the computer to do it?
and can you make your own?
No you can scan them with almost any device with a camera and yes you can make your own
it kind of works?.
i can scan everything and that works fine but i cannot battle at all
it just said to come back tommorrow....
You have to wait a day I forgot to mention.
din't work
adds more qrs doc if ya can.
like if you have geodudes & machokes, make some ev training qr codes.
ps, still dons work even after a week or so and mor qr codes so if ya got a solution, thatll be great.
still doesn't work, the people just say to come back tommorow