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So, I literally just beat Marriland on Pokémon Showdown, and I accidentally clicked out of it after it was done, without sharing the replay.
Is there any possible way at all to get it back? Thanks

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Before I answer this, I just want to state that you didn't beat Marriland. He has said many many times before that he does not play on Showdown or PO and probably never will. The guy you beat was an impostor trying to trick you, sorry.

But yes, it's easy to find the replay. Just go to the page that shows a list of uploaded replays and there will be a search username box. Enter your name or the other guy's name and it will come up with a list of their uploaded replays. If the replay uploaded like you said it did, it should be there. If you visited the page that had the replay, it should be in your browser history as well.

If it wasn't Marriland, then why were there over 700 people in the room all rooting for Marriland? Also, my question was how do I get it back if **NO ONE** uploaded it?
1. 700 would probably overload the battle, don't exaggerate. #Lag. You get lag at like 30 ffs
2. You don't
700 people? No way! :o
Because they were ALL trying to trick you, and they were successful. All the guy really has to do is post in the main lobby, "it's Marriland come watch me" and he'll get a ton people watching.
Anyway, if you didn't upload the replay, then there is no way to get it back, sorry. Battle rooms expire and disappear after 15 minutes of inactivity, so that means the battle has been gone for ages. If you ever lose the battle by clicking out of it, it's still very simple to find it again. You can go to your browser history (Ctrl+H in Chrome) and find it there, or you can simply hit the back button, which will take you back to the battle where you can upload it.