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I was looking through the formats on Pokémon Showdown, and I found Partners in Crime. It sounds cook from the name, but what is it?


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This is a metagame based on Doubles OU, but with a twist! The concept was that you "share" your moves and abilities with your partner. This means that you can use your partners moves (aka, eight moves will show up in the selection screen). Additionally, the ability of your current partner will affect you. Say you have a Heatran and a Cresselia in the field, both of them experience Flash Fire and Levitate effects, but if you switch out Cresselia for Nidoking, Heatran loses the Levitate effect and "gains" Sheer Force instead. This means that you can get powerful combinations, but you need to be both skilled at teambuilding and at playing. You need to make sure your team can benefit from each other and has good synergy during teambuilding, however you need to plan ahead while playing to make sure you can get the combinations you want on the field together, so you can sweep.

Banlist: Standard Doubles OU Banlist, Huge Power, Pure Power, Wonder Guard, Shadow Tag, Normalize, Trace, Imposter, Moody, Transform, Arctovish, Arctozolt, Dracovish, Dracozolt, Wimpod, Golisopod.
Unbanlist: Nothing as of now.
Clauses: Pokemon, Standard Doubles, Team Preview, Sleep Clause.

It's an Other Metagame of the Month, which means it won't be sticking around. (Thanks Carnelian)

For more info, check Smogon.

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fwiw you can mention it's an OMoTM and will expire after the month ends.
Ah. Leave it to PS to make weird formats.