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I don't mean this to make it sound like I'm raging because I lost, but;
My Glaceon has 121 Speed, and holds a Choice Scarf, so I think it should outspeed by Opponent's Latios, but Latios went first and OHKOed Glaceon.
Shortly after, his Zapdos outsped by 200 speed Jolteon.
Both of his Pokemon couldn't have been Choice Scarfs, so what happened? Did I miss something?

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200 Speed? It's completely normal what they are outspeeding you, 200 gets you literally nowhere against any EV trained Pokemon.

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Ok so I edit again because I tought they were level 100, but it was 50.

Your Glaceon's speed = 121 + Choice Scarf (50%) = 181 speed
Latios' Speed (Level 50) = 103 - 178

Jolteon's speed (Level 50) = 121 - 200
Zapdos' Speed (Level 50) = 94 - 167

Your Glaceon is sure to outspeed Latios. 181 vs 178.

Jolteon vs Zapdos - Maximum Zapdos' speed is 167, maybe he has using na item that increases is speed, because Jolteon outspeed Zapdos.

I don't know why they outspeed your Pokemons, maybe he had the speed stat boosted, an item that boost the speed or a priority move.
Also there is a chance that you used a negate priority move, making them outspeed you.

Hope this helps.

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Actually I meant at level 50.this happened when battling in free battles at the battle spot, So all of our pokes were at lvl 50. And unless Im mistaken latios's max speed at lvl 50 is 178. And zapdos's max lvl 50 speed is 167. And neither of his used agility or anything like that. So one of his pokes could have outsped mine if it was scarfed but not both. Sorry for not being more specific earlier, but thanks for replying
Scarf Latios is actually a pretty decent pokemon, and I've seen a few.That could be for Glaceon.
For Jolteon, the only remotely possible thing might be that he used a negative priority move, like Roar. I don't think Scarf Zapdos happened tho.

Or the whole while Trick Room might have been in effect, which solves a lot of this.