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I want to breed the jolly nature from my male corphish to a shellder from my female cloyster. The Day Care Man said that they prefer to play with other Pokemon with each other. Why? And yes, they are from the same egg group; Water 3

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I think you should double-check everything, since they are perfectly fine. The only things that can make that message appear is if they are of the same gender, they are of different egg groups or they are in the Undiscovered egg group. The latter two don't apply, both of them are in Water 1 and Water 3 so that shouldn't be a problem. Are you sure they are the same gender? Are you sure that's actually the message you're getting...?

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This is a glitch, or you aren't checking some things.

According to this article on Bulbapedia, the Pokemon should recieve a message other than "The two prefer to play with other Pokémon more than with each other." only if they are the same gender, in different egg groups, or are in the Undiscovered egg group.

Try checking if they are the same gender.

Source: The Link Above

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Thanks! I checked, and I feel stupid :P. They are the same gender