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Glitched Pokemon like MissingNo. cannot breed at all, and by the time you try to do so your game will already be a mess.
They are however notorious for causing any game file associated with them to corrupt, so it would seem logical that if you tried breeding them then the other Pokemon and possibly the Day Care would corrupt. If not the whole game before anything, that is.

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He means glitches like Missingo. and Decamarks. So yah, impossible to breed them anyways.
thanks Grime Time
i say what will happen when we breed a glitch pokemon with other pokemons
The other Pokemon and possibly the day care (and before that, the game itself) would start 'misbehaving' or glitching. Not something I would recommend in a thousand years.
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I kinda already have it in the answer...? Like, the second sentence in the whole thing. I'll remove the hacked Pokemon bit since you had no intention of knowing that though.
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