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So yeah, I live in Quebec and I own the English Canadian Version. I have a friend who owns the French Canadian Version and he gave me a Ditto. If I breed that French Canadian Ditto with my English Canadian Pokémon, will the Masuda Method apply?

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Please say that you live in Montreal...
No, unfortunately :v

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>The Masuda Method is when you use Pokemon from different language games to produce an egg (for example, a japanese Ditto and an English Snivy). By using Pokemon from different language games, the Pokemon that hatches from the egg will have a 6/8192 (1/1366) chance of being a shiny Pokemon instead of the usual 1/8192 chance.

Do note that the Pokemon have to be from different **language games**, not different regions (American and English parents still give the normal 1/8192 odds). - [Source][1]

As long as the games are from two different languages it should work.

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Yes, the Masuda Method will apply. They need to be different language games in order to work, not different country games.

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Thanks :p