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I'm going to catch a shiny through PokeRadar in my Platinum game and I want to know if all the moves are the same for all the Pokemon in the chain.
I know the level is always the same in a chain, but are the moves the same?

To be more specific, I start a PokeRadar chain finding a Kadabra, I caught him and it knows 4 specific moves. Then in the 2nd chain and onwards in that chain, will Kadabra always have the same moves as the first Kadabra in the chain?

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If they're levels are not substantially different, they'll almost always have the same moves. In Kadabra's case, levels can range from 21 - 22, which means that Kadabras at level 21 will have the moves:

  • Teleport
  • Confusion
  • Kinesis
  • Disable

However, Kadabras at level 22 learn Miracle Eye. It replaces Kinesis, which means in your case, it will have a different movepool.

EDIT: Since levels are always the same during a chain, the moves remain constant. No move changes will occur.

Hope I helped!

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Can you tell me what moves the swarm skitty has in the platinum?
At levels below 39, they will have Charm, Covet, Wake-up Slap and Feint Attack. At levels at and above 39, Charm is replaced with Heal Bell.
Ok thanks.
Qwert what is your source?
Did.some chaining in Platinum before, some LPs, some scraps from random places… For the moves thingy experience really.