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I found some places that show the trainer's Pokemon have more than 4 moves and 2 items.

Enemy Bibarel consumed a White Herb 1st after Intimidate Lowered it's attack, and then IMMEDIATELY it went 1st with a Quick Claw! Opposing Pokemon hold more than 1 item.

I don't remember where I saw the +4 moves, but is it possible?

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Where is the quote from?
Yes. [filler]
Is this going to be another unanswerable question? :O
They can get Some unobtainable HA aka HA zapods.  So you could call that hacks http://youtu.be/xT3mdNvrxw0
Can you find there teamates?
I'm going to say no since the Battle Chatelaines only have four moves and one held item, not that my opinion matters because I have no proof but then again neither do any of you.

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I'm not sure what happened there but I could have because of either a glitch or the opponent had symbosis this is not 100% because the information of Bibarels teammate isn't here but this is my not glitched theory.

Let us say as an example 3en's team is Haxourus and Bravairy (with Stoutland in party) The opposing team is florges and bibarel. Florges has quick claw (this should be correct) and Bibarel has white herb (I know for sure bibarel does because it uses it to restore its status from superpower)

Could this be it? I don't know there speed stats so i'm guessing their order of moves
1st Turn: Haxourus uses dragon dance. Bravairy uses sky drop and take florges into the sky (As he said it was) Bibarel uses surf it does minimal damage to Haxourus.
2nd Turn:Haxourus come back! Go stoutland! stoutland intimidates foes bibarel white herb activates! Florges passes its quick claw to Bibarel using simbosis. Quick claw activates, Bibarel uses Superpower!

Please tell me if I made an error and i'll correct it!

Ok fine i'm looking at this answer STILL not being a BA so I'll give another one k?

The team is Togekiss and Bravairy, enemy stays the same.

Bravairy uses sky drop on florges and takes florges to the sky. Bibarell uses surf. Togekiss uses metronome, it becomes growl and lowers Bibarells Attack which is the recovered by white herb. Florges passes its quick claw to Bibarel using simbosis. Quick claw activates, Bibarel uses Superpower!

Hope this will finally be answered

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And also with the more than 4 moves thing ''In light of this, Opposing Pokemon may have more than 4 Moves, but that's just speculation.'' Emphasis on speculation. It's fake, i don't think getting more than 4 moves is possible even with an AR, Gameshark or other hacking devices correct me if i'm wrong i don't use them
I'm sure that the exemple was a single battle because he talks about 2 pokémons, Trainer's Bibarel and his Pokémon.
"EDIT: There were no switching moves either. Bibarel's teammate was high in the sky with Sky Drop."
No switching moves? ok lemme see
Well he did say moves so unless someone can go on that website and ask him for more detales
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I'm gonna say that it is likely that it can

I have had a situation where it seems like the other trainers Pokemon had 2 items. It was a single battle for sure. Here is a link to the situation. How did I go second?

So to answer the question I am going to say, YES for the items. I haven't found anything about more than 4 moves, but knowing GF it is possible.