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How To Clone Pokemon with Poke Bank in Pokemon X/Y :

  1. Back up save file using your Datel Powersave for 3DS.
  2. Store the Pokemon you want to clone in Poke Bank.
  3. Restore the save file to get back the Pokemon in your X/Y game.
  4. Go to Poke Bank and take back the cloned Pokemon.

This video can help you.

Hope this helps.

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I will only BA until i try this and if it work or if someone tells me that this actully works
Ok, test it. If it don't work, tell me what happen and I will try help you.
The source is legit though, so it's safe to say it works
That will work because I did that alot of times. But it cant clone the items
Still didnt try it but people say its good so its good. I am gonna clone my 6iv jap ditto :D