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On the screen of X/Y that has the options like Mystery Gift and continue, I have Pokemon Link. My cousin doesn't have the Pokemon Link option, but then I remembered that he never got PokeBank or the Celebi or anything. The ORAS demo lets you transfer your items (and the unknown mega evolution too I think) through Pokemon Link. So, for Pokemon X/Y (I'll assume that it will be the same for ORAS), can I use the Pokemon Link without paying for PokeBank assuming I already have the option on Pokemon X/Y?
Also I only have Pokemon Link because of the free trial.

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PokeBank simply activates Pokemon Link, because it uses this system for special distributions, like the Celebi. Since OR/AS would be using this same feature, Pokemon Link will be usable, as it is independant of the PokeBank.
For those who don't have PokeBank and did not unlock Pokemon Link, they can most probably unlock it when they transfer their first Pokemon from OR/AS to X/Y.

NOTE: It's highly likely that during the demo plays of OR/AS, Pokemon Link will not be usable.

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