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Similar question to this, but this is NU (Never Used).
I'm constructing a new NU team and need to know all big threats are used at the moment.

Threats are Pokemon that perform well and need a counter or they will kill you.
When a Pokemon is a threat it will be kept in mind at all times a good counter.

Feel free to put movesets or pokémons.

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Sawk iirc
Hey, you copied my quote that I randomly thought of XD
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Weezing? I dunno, never done NU before
I'll add in some stuff later, I'll go researching if no one else adds anything decent.

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>I'll add in some stuff later, I'll go researching if no one else adds anything decent.
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Gowai PX

Anyway NU threats, NU threats...

Also, for counters/checks Ditto checks basically everything due to detering setup and providing revenge killing capability


This thing is dangerous man, Belly Drum + Sitrus Berry sweeps half the tier. Recently, I think bulky CM Varaints have been going up in usage as well, due to their superior coverage and stuff.
Counters: Steelix, Probopass, Ferroseed, any half decent steel type (Do note the possibility of Flamethrower, even though that does paltry damage to types like Probopass),


One of the offensive powerhouses this gen, with Specs/Scarf Eruption that makes it one of the best lategame sweepers in the tier. I wanted this thing banned tbh, but noooo the NU Council goes suspect something else. Nah just kidding, it's fine in NU but it's a pretty big threat.
Counters: Seismitoad (Checks Choice sets well, but not E-Belt which I run >:D), Thick Fat Hariyama, Lanturn and any offensive water types can check Scarf variants (They can normally switch in twice)


Choice Band or Choice Scarf this, and it breaks through most of the tier. In all honesty, nothing in the tier is a hard counter to this - it rapes everything with CC, and Knock Off decimates switch ins like Xatu and Uxie.
Counters: No hard counters, but Granbull is a decent check if they don't run Poison Jab or something. Vileplume is also a good check on non-Ice Punch.


Probably the best offensive water type in the tier (Samurott and Kabutops give it competition tho o3o), with access to both Dragon Dance and Swords Dance, both excellent setup moves, Aqua Jet is a staple on most variants, giving priority and giving Feraligator the potential to sweep any weakened or unprepared teams.
Counters: Depends on the set really, Ones without EQ (Normally SD / Waterfall / Aqua Jet / Ice Punch) are beaten by Lanturn, Seismitoad and similar Pokemon. EQ Variants are normally with Dragon Dance, so Ferroseed is a good counter as it can paralyze (rendering it ineffective, since most DD variants lack Aqua Jet actually), tank anything and set up some hazards.


Guts + Facade + Brave Bird hits pretty damn hard, even coming off Swellow's slightly subpar attack stat (Guts + Status makes up for it tho). Good revenge killer with very high speed that outspeeds basically the whole unboosted tier. Lacks coverage however.
Counters: Any steel type laughs at Swellow for days.


Excellent defensive wall in NU, with the capability of switching into a large portion of the tier and taking negligable damage. Gets support in Stealth Rocks, Spikes, Thunder Wave and can annoy with Leech Seed, Gyro Ball etc.
Counters: Substitute Attackers hard counter unless they're very weak to Gyro Ball or something, Fire types, Fighting types, Knock Off sucks


As a defense Pokemon, one of the best due to it's excellent typing. Only weak to Grass, walls Water Types, checks premium threats like Typhlosion and Feraligator. Provides Stealth Rock support, with decent attacking stats to deal damage. Gets stuff like Toxic and Knock Off too o3o!
Counters: It is a defensive Pokemon, so it's feasible to bash through it with stuff like Band Sawk. Grass types make this guy run with his tail beind his legs.


I used this before it was kewl >.>
Good offensive stats, decent enough speed, decent bulk. Gets U-turn and some top ladders have used it to provide team support in Healing Wish (I think .3.)
Counters: Normally, Steel types o3o!


Stops status, hazard and all of that with a decent typing which checks Fighting types well (Well, gets rekt by Knock Off e3e). Provides team support in Thunder Wave and such moves.
Counters: Just bash it, it's a defensive wall. Things like Electivire which can take the Thunder Wave and use it to their advantage and then wreck o3o!

I'll add more o3o

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I seriously thought Politoed might also be a gud poke in NU >.>
Lel no, not really
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Mismagius is a huge threat, I have swept teams with this set:
[email protected]/life orb
Modest nature
252 spa/speed 4 spdef
Nasty plot
Shadow ball
Dazzling gleam

Some good counters are:
Fast physical dark types
Stoutland with scrappy
And some other things.
Source: Experience

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