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Well in my diamond I have everything but a few legendaries (and a few I already put on soulsilver) also if I finally beat my firered and emerald again I can some of the legendaries I'm missing so in a year at the most I can finish my soulsilver national pokedex.

will my game explode by on the phone-thing I call oak and he says "but you haven't even been to pewter city?" because that snorlax won't move (i know you need the one song but I can't work it). or will the game just say congratulations. long question short if I finish the pokedex without meeting brock, blue, or red will my game glitch up.

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BTW, go to the very top of the radio app on the Pokegear to play the Pokeflute.

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No, it's absolutely fine. You are able to trade any of the 493 pokemon to HG/SS, they just won't show up in your dex until you get the national dex.