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I know this is not possible but if someone hacks one. Will the game crash or the game just be normal and the Pokemon will have it's national pokedex entry and number?

It depends on the game. What game are you asking about?
Pokemon Diamond.
I think the game will behave fine. The Pokemon's summary should have "???" where the Pokedex number usually is. It will get registered in your Pokedex, but you'll only see it after getting the national Pokedex. If you want to test this yourself, then you can try beating Cynthia, going to Snowpoint City, boarding the ship, getting the super rod, and catching a Clamperl on Route 219.
I will try it right away.

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As stated in the comments by sumwun, it will still register in the dex, but it's number will show up as ??? On the register page. Then It will only be able to be seen in the dex once you get the national one

I feel like sumwun did a better job at explaining this but whatever.

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Will the pokedex number of the pokemon return to normal from ??? after obtaining the national-dex?
Yes. The only reason it shows up as ??? Is because the NDex is kinda a surprise and they don't want to spoil the fact that you can actually get more Pokemon