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On pokemon black, I have beat the first round of the Elite 4 and N, the credits rolled and I ended up back at my house. I was told this was when I would get the National Pokedex?? I left the house and nothing has happened- I went to the Professor's House and Juniper gave me a load of TM's and Cedric just counts how many Pokemon I have.

I have caught pokemon from the older generations, they show up in my boxes, but not my Pokedex- my pokedex only goes to 150 =/

Is there another way to get the pokedex, or is my game screwed up??


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The only require meant is beating ghetsis and N + the Elite Four.

Be careful, because you have to switch your dex into national mode, Cedric upgrades your dex after you walk out of your house, so going in there and talking to him does nothing.

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See I thought it was strange, because I've done that... It's showing up when I save that I have over 150 seen, so I think the upgrade just isn't showing up in-game. I haven't tried the poketransfer yet, I don't have my other DS with me, I hope it works, I don;t want to have to re-start the game =/

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Have you caught all the pokemon in B&W dex try that