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Like the crystal onix
enter image description here

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Crytal Onix

Shadow Lugia

Pink Pokémon

Pink Rhydon,Nidoking and Butterfree

Ash's Lapras's mother ♀

The mother of Ash's Lapras appeared with the rest of its herd in Viva Las Lapras and Lapras of Luxury. This Lapras was a lighter blue with dark blue spots, and had a darker back.

Purple Kecleon

Squirtletwo, Bulbasaurtwo, and Charmandertwo

Venusaurtwo, Charizardtwo, Blastoisetwo, Pikachutwo

The fur on Pikachutwo's ears are colored similar to a Pichu's.

Golden Sudowoodo (Hope this was a shiny)

Strange Gengar, Alakazam and Jigglypuff


Hope this helps.

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Thx alot and is it possible you say what episode they appear in that would be great